When Michele Obama asks you to join her Get Moving Campaign, you know you are making a difference in people's lives!  This week our guest is personal trainer Kaisa Keranen, a fitness instructor who was not only a part of that campaign but also has an M.S. in Sports Performance & Injury Prevention.  

Kaisa believes we should be asking ourselves the question - "How would we like to move our body today?" and then get going.  If you are not even at the start gate yet, you can still move.  If you have pre-existing conditions, you can still move.  There is no need to compare your exercise program to a killer gym workout.  Who needs that in midlife and beyond?

Kaisa has started a just move program (found on her website (Kaisafit.com) where you can choose programs that include start, mobility. dance, strength, core, yoga and more.  Her programs meet us where we are at and Kaisa's exercise motto is "health is a feeling not a look.". 

Movement heals!

Kaisa is offering our listeners a FREE month or 50% off of her year long programs by using the code HOT FLASHES

*Always check with your doctor before beginning a fitness program*