This week we are discussing women's health issues, FemTech and FemAging with Denise Pines. Denise is a longtime health community advocate, media pioneer, founder of Wise Pause and Tea Botanicals. She also co-authored a 2020 Health and Tech Report which identifies a largely ignored subsect of FemTech called FemAging.

FemTech is the matching of funds to women's health brands and the funding is enormous.  Unfortunately, most of those funds are not addressing women 40+'s physical, mental and sexual needs.  Denise is working to correct that with FemAging and seeking funding specifically to address women in midlife and beyond.

Denise is also hosting two events in 2022 under her educational and lifestyle platform, WisePause.  The first will be online on March 26th and Denise has invited experts in a range of women's health issues (use the promo code HOTWP for 50% off the event).   The second is an in person event in Los Angeles in September.

Learn about specific health issues of women 40+ and the upcoming events on this week's episode.