This week Colleen and Bridgett are doing things a little different.  After many requests for our personal experiences with perimenopause, menopause and midlife, we are updating our stories.  We are also adding in a holiday cheer!

The episode will begin with our annual "Can Bridgett Guess the Cost?".  Each year, we explore the Neiman Marcus Holiday Gift Guide (Extravagant Gift section) and Colleen shares a few of the most expensive gifts from the catalog.  Bridgett then attempts to guess the actual costs of the items.  From a custom Hummer to a 30 carat diamond, this year's items are even more luxurious.  Try to guess along with Bridgett and see how you do.

We also talk about what is happening in our midlife journeys.  Bridgett's periods made an appearance again after 6+ years and she explains why and what she has done about it.  Colleen's night sweats are back with a vengeance and menopause is still a lofty goal far from reach.  We are honest with a little touch of humor.  Share your stories with us at

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